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We build visual systems to give mobile devices spatial awareness.


Spatial awareness is crucial for mobile devices and platforms. Knowing the position of the device or platform in the world, the 3D structure of its environment and how objects in the surroundings are moving is a key aspect for enabling new interactive applications such as autonomous navigation or augmented and virtual reality. Our technology provides this spatial awareness.


To operate in unknown terrains, smart drones and robots require fast and precise position information, 3D maps of their environment and information on how objects are moving. Our positioning and collision avoidance systems thereby enable new applications in the field of automated agriculture, mining, inspection or logistics.


To allow virtual and augmented reality on head-mounted displays, the devices need to know where things are located in the world and how they move. To create a convincing illusion of reality, this position estimation and the according screen update have to happen within milliseconds which requires the fast visual processing we can deliver.


Instead of using conventional camera chips for our vision systems, we are designing and manufacturing highly efficient vision sensor chips that are inspired by the processing in our eyes. These chips contain smart pixels that compress the information in the pixel and thereby allow saving time, power and computation.

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Event-based vision alllows computer vision with an unseen efficency
Smart pixels allow fast processing at low data rates

Insightness has created a compact and efficient collision avoidance system for drones with a unique feature: It allows to detect and evade moving as well as static obstacles. While other collision avoidance systems can also detect and evade static obstacles, they struggle with handling dynamic objects. Thanks to the high temporal resolution of our sensors, we have overcome these limitations. We have integrated our collision avoidance system into highly configurable modules: a central processing module integrates the information of one or multiple conventional or Silicon Eye vision sensor modules. Depending on the configuration, the system delivers following information: the 3D position of the drone for trajectory control, a depth map to evade static objects and a motion map to evade moving obstacles. We are currently offering evaluation kits for our collision avoidance systems for drone and robot manufacturers. We are currently also working on a completely novel product in the field of augmented reality that will enable unseen truly interactive AR applications. The according evaluation kits will soon be available so make sure that you have enrolled on our newsletter.


We leverage the advantages of smart pixels that are inspired by the way our eyes process visual information.

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