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We build visual positioning systems (VPS) to give mobile devices spatial awareness.


Position information is crucial for mobile devices. But for many applications, the wide-spread global positioning system (GPS) is unsuited: it does not work indoors, it is too slow and too imprecise. These limitations can be overcome with new algorithms that extract position information from camera data.


To operate in unknown terrains, smart drones and robots require fast and precise position information as well as 3D maps of their environment. Our visual positioning systems (VPS) deliver this information and thereby enable new applications in the field of automated agriculture, mining, inspection or logistics.


For virtual and augmented reality on head-mounted displays, these devices need to know the position and orientation of the viewer. To create a convincing illusion of reality, this position estimation and the according screen update have to happen within milliseconds which requires the fast position estimation we can deliver.


Instead of using conventional camera chips for our visual positioning systems, we are designing and manufacturing highly efficient vision sensor chips. These chips contain smart pixels that compress the information in the pixel and thereby allow saving time, power and computation.


Event-based visual positioning systems will give your devices spatial awareness
Visual processing trimmed for efficiency

Insightness builds visual positioning systems (VPS) that compute the position and orientation of a device as well as a 3D map of its environment. A VPS consists of one or multiple of Silicon Eye vision sensors and a processor to run our algorithms which perform simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Thanks to the Silicon Eye sensor and our proprietary processing algorithms, our VPS offer superior performance at low power consumption.

To make our technology available as soon as possible we are launching an early adopters program. This program allows future customers to purchase our latest prototypes. Each prototype will be equipped with a license for the latest software, firmware and the continuously deployed updates. The prototypes will allow to evaluate our technology and to elaborate an integration strategy into the platforms of the customers.

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Smart vision chips that are inspired by the way our eyes process visual information give our VPS unique abilities.


We are a team of highly skilled and intrinsically motivated technology enthusiasts
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Christian is a passionate entrepreneur with an ETH PhD in event-based vision sensor and algorithm development. He collected first startup experiences at GetYourGuide and in 2015 he received a “Venture Leaders” award for heading a startup ranked among Switzerland’s most promising.
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Chip Design
Raphael is a world-leading chip designer in the field of event-based vision sensors. After his ETH PhD with Prof. Tobi Delbruck he collected valuable industry experience as Analog / RF design engineer.
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Marc is a full-blooded engineer with a training at ETH Zurich in mechanical and electrical engineering. During his PhD he focused on the design of neuro-inspired hard- and software for visual processing .
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Nathan is a dedicated robotics engineer with a ETH MSc in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Robotics, Systems and Control. During his studies he has published multiple papers on high-speed robotics and event-based machine vision.
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An-Phi has an ETH MSc in Computational Science and Engineering with a specialization in robotics and a strong background in Mathematics. He has worked in multiple fields including computer vision where he optimized a multi-body structure from motion pipeline.
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Scientific Advisor
Over decades Tobi has developed and promoted the field of event-based vision sensors. After finishing his PhD in the lab of Carver Mead he worked in several Silicon Valley startups before joining the Institute of Neuroinformatics at ETH Zurich & University of Zurich

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